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The Frank Partnership, Who are we?

Hi, and welcome to The Frank Partnership. We are a group of franchised business owners operating across the UK who are working together to improve people’s lives by utilising our skills and expertise in property. We delight in the fact that every client who comes into contact with us leaves in a better position as a result of our input. Whether it is because they have sold a property to us, have purchased an investment from us, or because they live as a tenant in one of our properties. To hear some of these stories, told by our clients themselves then feel free to take a look at our testimonials here.


"The Frank Partnership are a TEAM of committed, positive, and successful people who are striving to be balanced, honest and happy. We work diligently to make sure that all who touch or are touched by us will benefit greatly and in some way move towards realising their dreams."


"A world in which every single person has a home"

What is The Frank Partnership all about?

We at the Frank Partnership approach property from the unusual perspective of anything being possible if there is sufficient motivation and perseverance. Click below to take a look at some of our recent transactions  to see just how creative we can be in order to achieve a win – win solution.

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We’ve had incredible success stories from Liverpool to London and Stoke to Southampton, literally all over the UK! In 2019, by popular demand, we are offering a very few opportunities to attend this seminar. Don't miss out!


What does it mean to 

be a Partner?

The Frank Partnership is an exclusive group of experienced and sophisticated property investors. Membership is by invitation only. The level of trust between partners is extraordinarily high and results in many lucrative Joint Ventures between partners. The results that our partners achieve as a result of being on The Frank Partnership are exceptional 

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